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  1. on hand


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    • 1. 在手邊,在近處 There weren't enough snacks on hand for the party. 現有宴會的點心不夠用。 We have plenty of money on hand to pay for the snacks. 我們手邊有很多錢可以買零嘴。
    • 2. 出席,在場
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    • on hand 與 in hand的差異

      ...中 3. 在控制中 We have the problem in hand. 問題已在我們掌握中。 on hand 圖片參考: ph. 1...

    • walk on hands 為何是on 不是with

      倒立不動叫 hand stand 走路去某處,比如說 Mary walks to school school by walking everyday. = Mary goes to school on foot everyday. 因為正常走路是用腳 on foot 倒立走路是用手,所以...

    • on the other side / hand

      ...quot;就沒問題 不過最好的句子是 I love the freedom of being single. on the other hand, the idea of being married and having a family is very...