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  1. on occasion


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    • 1. 偶爾;有時 She visits the city on occasion. 她有時到城裡去。
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    • 問英文句文法

      ...做為加強語氣的用法 ( 主詞 + do/does + 原形動詞) 所以, ....he goes out on occasion. 文法是對的 如果要強調, 就說成 ...but he does go out on occasion. (但偶而...

    • 英文~文法高手請進

      ...~on* In the past month you have been late for work____more than ten occasions. "on" the occasion, .... =(片語)"在"這場合.... On that occasion...

    • 各種 "情況": situation等等的比較 15點

      ...occasion (n.) [C] 場合 I’ve seen her with them on several occasions.I met that guy on an earlier occasion.My husband is ...