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  1. on one's beam-ends

    • ph.
      經濟拮据; 幾乎一無所有
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    • 請英文高手翻譯 一小篇工業英文(不要翻譯機)

      ...stand alone as a monument, perhaps with a statue on its capital. 有些時侯可能會有一個...例子 Cantilever, a usually horizontal beam or structure that has a support at only one end; the other end is free. 懸臂通常是指...

    • 我需要英文文章的結論!!(急)

      ... is the eternal cycle of life , it will never come to an end. ....傾倒處。我停住了一會兒, 開始體認生命的奧跡; 此樹生命的...的開始 。 此乃生命的循環 永生不息。 ( By the way, it's a lovely article ^_^ )

    • 急~澎湖旅遊麻煩幫我英文翻譯

      ...15:00 each have a fish show every day, is excellent.On the second floor have a touch pool, I touch...15:20, I rode my motorcycle to pass beam the ancient Banyan treeThis is...