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    • 有人可以幫我翻譯英文自傳嗎??給20點

      ... from the professorship, I begin the part study. On one hand family's environment makes me form... all out to do, be just fighting only on paper forever, do not find out about the difference between theory...

    • 可以幫我中翻英這篇嗎…謝謝(謝絕翻譯軟体)

      ...pick up a second language is largely based on one's talent. Those people with talent are language. 2. Secondly, age plays a major part too. The younger you are, the ...

    • 可以幫忙翻譯嗎?20點

      ...5 and 6. It is easy for the beach sea country here for doing on one's way back when returning to the north and central part in the same, parting from this slow hotel point of Hanahas, the departure...