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  1. on reflection

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    • 1. 再經考慮 On further reflection, I saw that she might be right, after all. 我再也考慮, 反倒覺得可能還是她對。 She decided, on reflection, to accept the offer. 她重新考慮後, 決定接受那個建議。
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    • 關於英文文獻裡面的中文翻譯

      ...被問者"誠實的答案"。 全文是 The case study is based on qualitative data, reflection sheets, and interview and field notes from the Guided Self...

    • ”心得”翻成英文?

      ...the hard work she puts into her work. 她的成功反映出她有多努力工作reflection + on/upon 才是用在感想,意見, 心得 ex. It was interesting to...

    • 各位英文高手..check一下我的文章!! (20點)

      ...括符內為修正處,附加說明於內): Reflection (On) the novel, I learn(ed) three ...02:11:45 補充: 無說明之修正文章 Reflection On the novel, I learned three...