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    on sb.'s head

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    • 關於英文抖幾個成語

      ... head keep your head down give sb his/her head sb has a good head on his/her shoulders 2. let your hair down split hairs a hair's breadth have a bad hair day get in sb's hair 3. all eyes are on...

    • 英文慣用語~~

      ...stop yourself from saying sth that might upset sb or cause an argument, although you want to speak.(隱忍不言...字典,顯示您的問題少了一個字),應該是have a good head on one’s shoulders,這片語指to be sensible and intelligent...

    • 幫忙翻譯幾個片語,並幫忙造句(急)

      ...have a cow in Jonny's farm. 3. "a little birdie" tells sb. (sb=somebody) ---> left a deep impression on us. 11. to face the music...12. to hit the nail on the head說得中肯;打中要害 --->...