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  1. on second thoughts


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    • 1. 進一步考慮後 He had intended to go, but on second thoughts, he gave up the idea. 他本來想去,但進一步考慮後,打消了這個念頭。
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    • 一篇英文克漏字 where you can pay for the things that you buy) 5.(A)second *on second thoughts (英式) on second thought(美式) 使用時機:當你想要改變你已作的...

    • 請各位幫一下~因為有點困惑change的用法

      ...改變 vt. (及物動詞 transitive verb) 1. (使)改變;更改;使變化[(][(+into)] On second thoughts he changed his mind. 進一步考慮後,他改變了主意。 2. 換;交換...

    • 要問5個英文片語&單字...

      ...: 真可惜/真遺憾.   4.second thoughts(n)     再三思考    I... to tell him the truth, but on the     second thought...