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    • one'ssomeone是甚麼??

      1.give (someone) a hand ()中要填什麼?? someone = 某人 可填me, you, him, us..., Mrs. Lee, my brother,.....等等. 2.go down on (one's) knee ()中填什麼?? one's = 所有格 可填your, ...

    • 不懂的英文句子請幫我翻成中文意思

      ...happen and do what everyone else wants to do. 隨緣 3.have time on one's hands = have extra time, have time to spare. 有時間 4.on a roll = have a good thing going, good luck. 好運一直來 late = 遲到 6.stay...

    • 有關以下的英文句子有點錯誤 請各位幫忙修正!

      ...street. (4) I heard someone knocking on the door. (5) Jim considers this boy as... father had his daughter's hands burned. (8) The father handed ...