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  1. on television

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    • 1. 電視上 There is a good movie on television this evening. 今晚電視上有一部好影片。 The Prime Minister, speaking on television, denied reports that... 首相在電視講話中否認傳聞...。



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    • U71.on TV指物品放置於電視上還是指電視節目?

      What's on television tonight?這裡的television是指電視節目 如果指電視機,television應加上冠詞a或the What's on the television?這才是指電視機上的是什麼.

    • cut on the radio 是什麼意思

      "cut on" in "cut on the television" or "cut on the radio" means "turn on...hungry and was about to fix a sandwich, and my friend cut on the T.V., and there it was. I ...

    • severe as a result 怎麼翻譯?

      ...回頭看你的句子,就很清楚了。 The low-cost requirements on Television are severe// as a result, requiring Television designers...