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    on that account

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    • 助動詞位置

      ...on no account = under no circumstances If you say something should on no account be done, you are emphasizing that it should not be done under any cirsumstance.(on no account放在第一個助動詞之後...

    • 請問owing to、on account of~

      ...the phrases "owing to" and "on account of" are ALL want to follow with a clause, then you shall use because that since If you want to have a clause to follow with...

    • that 以及account for 的用法!

      ... words that together account for between a third to a half...超過 200 個精心挑選的字,這些字 (= that) 總共包含了三分之一到二分之一的所有...摘下的草莓   the book which is on the table = the book on the table = 桌上...