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    • on the way we went home可以這樣寫嗎?

      在回家途中 一般都是 on one's way home 那如果寫 on the way we go home 可以嗎? 或者你的問題換一個說法...不通順了. 但以下面句子為例應該就比較明白: On the way we met our uncle. 在路上,我們遇到了舅舅...

    • ”means” 跟 ”way” 用法有何不同? : in or along one's course 在其位  2 : in a position to hinder or obstruct 阻礙- on the way or on one's way   : moving along in one's course : in progress 在路上, 途中...

    • 請用以下的句子幫忙造句!!!

      As long as one is willing to do (what it takes) to (become a big name), by (starting at the bottom) and (working one's way up), there is no doubt that one will be (on the road) to be (a huge hit).