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    • 英文翻譯---要順暢一點!!!

      ...and permissive, more choices are available as to how and when one will play out ones feminine or masculine roles. With the advent of feminism and the subsequent men’s movement, people take on new roles...

    • 麻煩給我3個support sentence

      .... one danger of alcohol is the deadening effect it has on the mind--it has been well...believe they are being nice. one way to take the easy way out is to blame somebody else for one'...

    • 英文翻譯(請勿使用網路翻譯軟體)

      ...3.Smoking cigarettes is s healthy way to remain thin. 吸煙是保持窈窕的健康方式。(這句話絕對...ldquo;Reduced fat”items are always the healthier choice. 低指食品有益身體健康。 10....