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    on the crook

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    • 請問英文翻譯*(TIMES)

      ... Libertarianism as) "the fight against crooks and nannies looking into nooks...039;m a libertarian. I think people should get on and run their lives as far as possible...

    • 請問這六個英文俚語是什麼意思?

      drop in the ocean =九牛一毛 dog with two tails =高興極了 on the tip of his tongue =快要想起來了 (因為已經在舌頭只差一點點) by hook or by crook =種種分法,千方百計的,不擇手段的 carrying coal to Newcastle...

    • 英文PUZZLE請大家幫忙^^

      1 knave流氓 2 juror陪審員、評獎人