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    on the fire

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    • 請幫我翻譯Beauty On The Fire的歌詞

      Beauty On The Fire(熱情上的美感) Here it comes again 它...無法呼吸) So throw the 所以陷入 Beauty on the fire 在熱情上的美感 Dont push too hard 不要促使...

    • 這些英文句子有錯誤嗎? 錯在哪?

      ...是副詞性質,用來修飾動詞 turn,而在原句裡會被看成兩個介系詞片語對等 (off the fireon the light),不但與原意不符,且 off 和 on 文意上不與後面的名詞結合 (turn off...

    • Fire Ants Invade Taiwan

      ... over to Taiwan. And, the ants were on the piants. The fire ants can be found in many different piaces. On ...