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  1. on the front foot

    • ph.
      outmaneuvering a competitor or opponent; at an advantage
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    • ph.
      outmanoeuvring a competitor or opponent; at an advantage

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 請幫忙翻成英文(不要翻譯網翻的)

      ...from the traditional shoes for Birkenstocks toe squeeze on the front, but on both sides of the body of the shoe design level straight, the feet the body fully extended. At the same time, the toes when...

    • Skillful driving...

      ...gas and break pedals. It is putting your toe (or front part of your foot) on the gas pedal for constant power input to the engine without dropping the RPM...

    • 幫忙翻譯patient care skills這本書的一段

      上下輪椅 首先將拐杖放置在病人的非患側腳的前方且偏外側一點點的地方 然後利用把手,病人同時用非患側邊的手將兩支拐杖抓住,並將其放置在病人一步距離的地方,治療師也同時抓住病人的步態帶(gait belt)還有肩膀部分. 這時病人將可利用非患側邊去使用拐杖還有用另外一邊藉著...