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    • on the hook”該怎摸翻譯勒?

      on the hook 我一直是用英文來理解,容我試著解釋,直譯我會說「來到一個艱危的處境」,而且有點「進退維谷」的味道, 反意是 off the hook, 我記得電影 God Father 中,有一個叛徒(Sal Tessio...

    • 請幫我翻譯下段內容,感恩

      Charlie, a trader hooked on the eBay auction site, is offering to sell a "Roboraptor... a heavily discounted asking price, about one-third the cost of this hit robotic toy during last December's pre-Christmas...

    • 急問))英文單字*2 10點

      ...the laundry 把洗好的衣服掛起來... ex. She hung her laundry on the hook.