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    on the jig

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    • 有請英文高手 拜拖拜託了~~~~~~翻譯

      ...charge of another end and connect and spread A , B glue respectively, put it on the jig , will connect and press? Guan Zhong,? Press through to the end...

    • (愚蠢的莎莉)可以幫我翻譯中文嗎??

      愚蠢的莎莉到城鎮去,她倒著走,頭下腳上.在途中,她遇到一隻豬,一隻愚蠢的豬,她們跳起吉格舞.在途中,她遇到一隻狗,一隻愚蠢的狗,她們玩起跳青蛙.愚蠢的莎莉到城鎮去,她倒著跳,頭下腳上,在途中,她遇到一個鄉巴佬,她們唱起一首調子.愚蠢的莎莉到城鎮去,她倒著唱,頭下腳上. 在途中,她遇到...

    • 申請澳洲工作簽證,需要英文離職證明書,勞駕幫忙校搞

      ... Card No. ___________, born on ___, __, 19__, has been worked full-time at the Department of CAD/..., specialized in jig designing and modeling, since...