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  1. on the map


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    • 1. 重要的;出名的 The discovery of ancient paintings on the walls of the church put the little village on the map. 在教堂的牆上發現了古代的壁畫,使那個村莊出了名。
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    • put stn. on the map...的用法 who has put the beauty of Taiwan's artistic traditions on the map.他是將台灣的藝術傳統發揚光大並使世界各個角落都認同其美感的藝術界的親善大使...

    • On The Map , Digitally如何翻

      map 是指地圖on the  map 會被放置在地圖中的地方,一定是已經被明顯的標明了所以 on the map 可以指,明顯的Digitally 數碼式的

    • be located in , be located on

      ...always "ON" the map! It should be: To locate the city on the map. When to use in or on? It depends on what follows...