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  1. on the move


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    • 1. 在活動中;在進行中;移動中的 Science is always on the move. 科學總是在進步。 The enemy cannot spot our special detachment because it is constantly on the move. 敵人找不到我們的特遣隊因為它一直在移動之中。
    • 2. 在遷移不定;在四處奔波 Our family was on the move for five years until dad found a good job. 在父親找到一份好工作之前,我們一家人有五年多都在奔波,四處遷移。
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    • 在遙遠的距離,依然為愛奔波 中翻英~

      ...依然為愛奔波 In a distance that is so farwawy, yet (we) keep being on the move for love. 如果要用過去式可以改成: In a distance that was so faraway...

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      ...rsquo;s settle this matter once and for all. 讓我們一勞永逸地解決這個問題吧。 31.on the move She is always on the move. 她總是閒不住。 once Clean...

    • 三句英文句子翻譯

      Immigrant Women on the Move To find you employment. On-going support. 尚未安居下來的移民婦女 要找尋工作 或尋求持續的協助