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  1. on the one hand

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      從一方面來看, 在一方面
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    • 1. 從一方面來看, 在一方面 On the one hand, they are too poor to get married now; on the other hand, they love each other so much that they would be a good couple. 從一方面來說, 他們太窮現在不可以結婚, 從另一方面來說他們彼此深愛對方, 將會是一對好夫妻。 On the one hand, I need to work all night to finish the job; on the other hand, I am so exhausted that I really need a rest. 一方面, 我必須整晚工作把事情做完, 另一方面, 我疲累的實在需要休息。


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