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    on the principle of

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    • 請問秉持永續經營原則及貴我雙方長期配合與發展的英文怎麼說

      Based on the principle of business continuity and the long-term collaboration and development for the...continuity剛才多打一個 a 2006-03-06 20:53:21 補充: Based on the principle of business continuity and to maintain our long-term collaboration and...

    • 協助文法修正

      ...acupressure is based on the principles theorem of meridian systems of traditional... aims to explore the effect of Taichong acupoint pressing acupressure on blood pressure in hypertensive ...

    • About Economics

      ...的基本哲理是就是根據一分耕耘一分收獲的論點. It also rests on the principles of freedom of contract and protection of property rights. 它同時也建立在合約自由...