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    • 誰能告訴我這些idiom的意思(20點優!!)

      ...hit the nail on the head- 一針見血地(absolutely right) example: You hit the nail on the head about him: he is a computer...07-10 13:02:03 補充: 18.(get down to) brass tacks- 事實真相 brass tracks= facts...

    • 醫囑(已經大概翻了一下)

      ... from sudden onset general weakness on 9/25 and fell down with left hand...of lower paratracheal,subcarinal. and right hilar. lymph node. no obvious filling... was noted. under the impression of pneunonia,the patient was...

    • 關於數位的英文 拜託幫忙@@...20點(急)

      ... allowing users to manipulate freely. With thin OLED technology, the potentials for digital tie are extensible and thus achieving higher scalability with tie tacks.