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    on the rocks

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    • straight和without ice有什麼關係(急)

      ...給客人 without ice 就是純酒了,沒有加冰 The common bartending term "on the rocks" is exactly what it sounds like: serving a drink over ice...

    • 英文介係詞填入!!15點!

      1. to be _on__ the rocks 2. to chat _with__ a cup of tea 3. to work for six hours _at__ a ...

    • Rock-a-by-baby

      ...拼錯, 希望你不介意我幫你做更改 :) Rock-a-bye Baby 搖籃曲 Rock-a-bye baby on the tree top, 搖啊搖寶貝在樹的頂端, When the wind blow the cradle will rock...