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    on the spur of the moment

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    • [英文] 麻煩各位高手幫各忙

      ...the nick of time 及時 6. to kill time 打發時間 7. to make time 騰出時間 8. on the spur of the moment 臨時起意、一時衝動、一時興起 9. the time is right 對的時間、正是...

    • 英文問卷(續)~~英翻中

      ...當我知道有機會得到我要的東西時,我馬上覺得很興奮 15. I often act on the spur of the moment. 我常因一時的衝動而行事 16. If I think something unpleasant is...

    • 『心血來潮,一時技癢!』該怎麼用美語表達?

      ...match to the Chinese phrase you asked. 心血來潮,一時技癢 1. On the spur of the moment, I cannot help but show off what I know of. 2. On...