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    • 有關that文法問題

      ...political conditions can have a marked effect on the stock market. 這句話沒有用that的必要 that之用法有以下...是主詞 can:助動詞 have:動詞 a marked effect on the stock market.:受詞 整個句子沒有用that的必要 ...

    • 20點 中翻英 關於ETF資料 謝絕翻譯軟體 finance futures exchange the Mid 2502 kind of stocks carry on the stock price margin arbitrage for the sign the research, and discovered that may use these...

    • 急需各位幫忙翻譯台北時報一篇商業報導

      ...handset lensmaker Largan Precision Co (大立光) as the highestpriced stock on the local bourse. 該公司的股價表現優於全球半導體行業 , . 也提振了本地電子光束...