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  1. on the turn

    • ph.
      at a turning point; in a state of change
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    • 英文phrasal verbs例句

      ...the air conditioning on as it is hot outside now. - No one can turn on the TV, because it is broken. - The music was turned...

    • 爲什麼 turn on 可分開 look for 不行

      ...本身就有"穿戴"的意思 所以後面的on只是用來補充說明是穿上還是脫下 turn on the TV / turn the TV on =>turn本身就有"開啟"的意思 所以...

    • 幾題國中英文文法!!

      ...使用原形動詞,因為前方省略了Please。所以還原後會變成”Please turn on the light. It’s dark here.”(請把燈打開。這裡真的很黑。)I have...