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  1. on the understanding that

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      以...為條件, 如果...
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    • 1. 以...為條件, 如果... I lent him money on the understanding that he paid it back next month. 我借給他錢, 條件是下月歸還。


    以...為條件, 如果...

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      ... enclosed. We must reming you that unusually low prices were quoted to you on the understanding of an early settlement. It may well be that...

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      ...nail and keep pounding, and never get that nail in the wall-if you don't understand that you've got to hit the nail on the head.” 他努力及學習的程度足以相信那席話:「如果你努力不懈、精益求精...

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      ...well be termed and reap it a lot even more. Though relatively agree more on the agricultural machinery respect , the understanding that machinery is more extensive. Thank the university of Chiayi fully...