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    on the upswing

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    • 關於這段英文 文章的問題..該怎麼回答呢?

      People were on the upswing against malaria because the bed net's funding is up. and there ...

    • 求助求助求助~ 文章英翻中

      消費者正在越來越多地餐廳禮品卡節日送禮,有幾個品牌尤其爬上願望清單梯子,根據最近的一項調查。 卡從達登餐館公司,母公司為紅龍蝦,橄欖園和Longhorn牛排餐廳連鎖店,排名第2位的最想要的禮品卡由GiftCardRescue ,一個巴爾的摩的卡交換公司第六次...

    • 200字上下的英文介紹"李奧納多 達文西"

      ... began appearing on a number of television ...educational shows. Although the budding actor had small...s cancellation coincided with an upswing in his career, including...