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  1. on the way out


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    • 1. 即將過時 That type of dress is on the way out. 那種式樣的洋裝就要過時了。
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    • 想請英文高手幫我看一下

      ...but I am in a hurry on the way out, will do this later. ** my best to achieve the goal. *I like to learn new ... and always finish works on time. * I am optimistic...

    • 國二上英文文法

      ...) Early rising is good for your health. ***** 6.on the way to the library home好像有什麼特別的改法? on the way to the library on the way home...

    • 英文作文幫幫忙> 而且,took something out 是比较普遍的呢。。。 For example: On the way to school, he took the English textbook out to review,..... 第二句 应该是 The next class, 这是很logical 的问题...