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    • 請問this weekend前面可以加on嗎?~急

      請問:在週末是 on the weekend, 那 this weekend 前面可加 on 嗎? 您好 this weekend 前面...weekend.----這個周末有場秀, There will be a show on this weekend. ----在這個周末有 場秀, 兩句的解讀是一樣的, 文法...

    • 拜託幫我用這3個單字寫成對話

      ...:Had a holiday finally. Jenny wants on this weekend where play? Jenny:It is said that the weekend ...

    • 請問on the weekendthis weekend

      兩者有相同也有不同!1. 在你所寫的兩句話中,this weekendon the weekend都搭配未來式,故都是指本週週末(the ...游泳應該寫成:We usually go swimming on the weekend (on weekends).結論: 你寫的兩句話是可以畫上...