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  1. on top of

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    • 1. 在某物(某人)的上方或上邊 Put this record on top of the others. 把這張唱片放在其他唱片上面。 Many people were crushed when the building collapsed on top of them. 那座大樓倒塌時把下面的很多人都砸死了。
    • 2. 加在某事物上 He gets commission on top of his salary. 他除了薪水之外還得到佣金。 On top of borrowing £50, he asked me to lend him my car. 他向我借了50英鎊, 此外還向我借汽車。
    • 3. 【口】緊接著某事; 緊靠著某物 There is no privacy when houses are built on top of each other like that. 像那樣房子挨著房子, 也就無所謂私生活了。