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  1. on trust

    • ph.
      不加證明地, 不作深究地;以賒欠方式
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    • ph.
    • 1. 不加證明地, 不作深究地

      There is no proof of his story; we can only take it on trust. 他的故事沒有證實; 我們只能不加深究地相信他。

      You'll just have to take what I say on trust. 你只管相信我說的就是了。

    • 2. 以賒欠方式

      When you buy anything and do not pay for it until later, you are getting it on trust. 當你買任何東西的時候最後才付錢, 便是賒購。


    不加證明地, 不作深究地

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