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  1. on-hand balance


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    • 有關於會計科的balance sheet

      ...存款 cash in the bank 6450 現 金 cash in the hand 120 所以資產負債表為...老師又加上 a)bought extra goods on credit 770 借: 存貨 770 貸: 應付款 770 b...

    • 關於一些英文的問題(快考試了)

      ...hand they'd love to have kids, but on the other hand, they don't want to give up their freedom...very useful book. 總體來說,這是一本很有用的書。 on balance 總體來說 例句:On balance, the company has...

    • 求助!英翻中,提供大意即可

      ...posture and how he moves, relating it perhaps to the scene's delicate balance between routine and disruption, and between Somiya's evident interest, on the one hand, and his wish, on the other hand, to moderate his reaction. 您可以更詳細...