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    • 有人可以幫我翻英文麼~急救

      ...but I broke my arm, loose two teeth, and my face swell like a pig's head. I stayed in the hospital for one week. During the week I stayed in hospital, when my ...

    • 拜託翻譯中文(很急,今天之內)

      ...心臟病 (-), 肝臟疾病(-) 腎臟的疾病(-) 手術歷史:R't 眉毛劃破 s/p 縫合 旅行歷史:否認 連絡歷史:否認 外傷歷史:否認 免疫歷史:否認...

    • 醫囑翻譯 急件

      ...of hypopharygneal cancer , T4N3Mo s/p CCRT was ... because of progressive right facial swelling for 2-3 days. 病患五十... cancer was first diagnosed at other hospital...940503. The followed head and neck CT scan on 940805...