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  1. cast in one's lot with

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    • 急!!!in a mouth??

      It's rained a lot these days. This is my first time in a mouth to go jogging 哈哈, month 才對! 2009-08-01 12:47:14 補充...

    • 句成語 to fell it in one's bones

      請問這句成語 to fell it in one's bones 用中文要如何解釋較貼確 直覺不利之感 [ 自知之明... some days this week I have a lot of nerve to avoid and take pains to accept its weather...

    • Have stars in one's eyes

      ...practical of sensible way for you to behave. I see lots of young players with stars in their eyes. to have stars in one's eyes = 有幸福感,心中充滿了期待(夢想...