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    • 請教英文高手英文文法問題!!!!!

      ...people think it is difficult to judge a person by one's external appearance, and say what a person looks like can be are being inconsiderate.While one's external appearance is considered attractive...

    • Request an English speech

      ... XXXX Hospital Emergency Medicine . One's doctor, he said that the student, . walker A had unstable blood pressure . upon ...

    • break one's promises 是什麼意思?

      ...你可以是著了解每一個字的意義 break有 破壞(約束) 違反 打破 毀壞 的意思 one's 有某人的 一個人的 其人的 意思 promises 名詞複數 有 承諾 諾言 的意思 造句: He said he would come here at ten, but he didn't. * He always breaks ...