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  1. one after another (or the other)

    • ph.
      following each other in quick succession
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    • ph.
      following one another in quick succession

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • one after anther the other有何不同

      one after another(一個接一個:超過兩個以上,通常指很多)one after the other(第一個接第二個:總共只有兩個依序而已,這個用法很少看到,不是一般會用的說法)

    • 關於 in a raw

      ...row" means "(一)排" "in a row" means "one after the other" (一個接一個) 是只隔一段時間生嗎?? This one we don't know, but...

    • 一些英文文法問題(八大詞類)急急急,20POINTS。

      ...another (C)other (D)others 長長的隊伍一個接著一個進入大廳 one after the otherone after another就是"一個接著一個"的意思 是常用的片語,不會用c或...