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    • 1. 全部 I would like to thank you, one and all. 我要謝謝你們,謝謝你們大家。
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    • one is all 如何翻譯??

      ...但其在什麼句子裡將有另一翻譯的意思 ,下面一些句子供參考 : * When all is one and one is all : 當一切成為唯一而唯一成為一切 *No one is all...

    • 句子翻譯與解說:the first truly...

      ".the first truly American writer, and all of us since are his heirs."...用法會更清楚吧: Mary met John in 2000 and has since been a very happy girl.

    • all the way 是什么意思?

      The one all the way on the right. 這裡是指最右邊的那一位(就是我媽) All the way...quot; 的意思. 這個片語常跟 up 或 down 合用, 例如你說 I drove all the way up there. 或是比方說去溜滑梯, 你就可以說 You can slide all the...