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    • 1. 還有一個 But there's one more. I couldn't carry everything by myself. 但是還有一件。我無法自己提每樣東西。



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    • one more VS more one

      one more是還差一個還需要一個 more one的用法可以參考之前有人問過的一個例句和回答...majority action in Donahue and the majority action in this case is "more one of form than of substance." more one (action) of form (形式) than (one action) of substance...

    • 英翻中(One more..................

      One more such loss,and we are ruined 再來一次這樣的失誤 我們就傾家蕩產了 loss 翻譯成失誤 比較恰當 ruined 翻譯成 毀滅 死定了 傾家蕩產 都算達意也都很口語化

    • One More Day 小說

      For One More Day tells the story of a child who is... leads him to sadness and alcoholism. One night, he decides to take his own life. ...