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    • 1. 還有一件事 And I know one more thing: I am not lost. 我還懂一件事: 我沒有迷路。
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    • 第四次--請問要如何寫出成熟有風格的英文寫作 you did not find an ideal answer yet. One more thing I would like to add is that who is... would suggest you: 1) reading - the more you read, the more words/sentence structure you develop...

    • 請幫我英文翻中文

      ...interestd in that little straw! who hte ***** do you think you are ? you moron! and one more thing~ you assis better loking than your face! you cook-suker...

    • 英文文法檢查~感謝。

      ...park...., but really you're talking about a conversation between persons. One more thing, you use the verb "is", but then you change to "was ...