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  1. one of a kind

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    • 1. 獨一無二的 Stephen Curry's way of throwing three pointers is one of a kind in the NBA. 史蒂芬‧柯瑞的三分球投法在美國職籃是獨一無二的。
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    • 幫我解釋英文。

      ... speeds up to 85 km/h, volcano boarding offers a one-of-a-kind adventure ride! 火山滑板以時速達85公里提供滑板者獨一無二的冒險之行. 整句也...

    • one of a kind !? 獨一無二!?

      你說的沒錯呀~~ one of a kind 獨一無二

    • 英文信可以幫我翻譯跟改進

      To the one of a kind I know : Thank you for...我們的英文老師. Today is a special Day - Valentine...非常浪漫的節日. It's full of love 充滿愛的日子. I give ...