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    • one 和ones的用法

      重點在pair這個字, 它的意思是「雙; 二個」, 不能以one代替.. a pair of glasses 一副眼鏡, a pair of是修飾語, 主體是glasses(複數) a pair...

    • 請大大們救救我,幫我把他翻成中文 拜託~~

      Complementary antonyms互補性的反義詞   A pair of complementary antonyms is characterized by the feature that the denial of one member of the pair implies the assertion of the other, 一對互補的反義詞是...

    • two single beds=double bed?

      ...british/twin-bed 這是網路上的劍橋字典(但沒有加s) 2010-12-14 08:46:15 補充: one of a pair of two beds which are each big enough for one person 劍橋的解釋如上...