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  1. one thing and another

    • ph.
      used to cover various unspecified matters, events, or tasks
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    • 英文選擇題的答案與詳解

      ... say is one thing, and to do is quite _____. (A) one another (B) the other (C...three pens just now. One is red, another is blue, and the other is black...

    • 英文 簡單文法與翻譯

      ...這是比較特殊的單字,單複數同型單字還有deer, bison 2.To say is one thing and to do is another.(翻譯 文法) 說是一回事,做又是另一回事---A is one thing, B...

    • Sympathizing with and looking

      ... with and looking after our street friends is one thing , and maintaining the dignity of the temple is another thing ,Mr.chuang said firmly . 為什麼會有黑色粗體字的部分,省略...