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    • 請問以下英文句子翻譯成中文是啥意思?

      ...那麼久以來第一個讓你感到來電的男生,也不要告訴他。 噢,是了,one of the first man (是 man,不是 men) 是一種英語常用的語氣,它其實等同 the first...

    • 有請英文翻譯高手!!

      ...these powers to be controlled by just one man or one group. The delegates were afraid that...the United States would wind up under the rule of another dictator or tyrant. 憲法大會的代表們也希望...

    • 請問這個英文翻譯成中文

      Avi: One of the more famous Rules says one should “Never call men and rarely return their calls.” I truly believe that men...