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  1. one-off consumption

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    • 心得報告幫忙翻譯句子(中翻英) of reducing the power consumption. The first category is the selection of the lamps with suitable watt of power consumption. By the way, please turn off the light as you go out. The second category...

    • 請幫我翻譯一些英文(關於最近的心靈超市)

      ...運勢 How to Feel Oneself  如何覺察自我 Lifestyle...延長線 Skewness  歪斜 Consumption Moderator  浪費節制員... Other  相伴時光 Off Liners  網路不參與者...

    • 急!!! 請各位"英文很好"的大大幫幫忙~!!!

      1: you can write something about " impact on residential areas" for example: gardening which needs water supply if there is no rain!! 2: New Zealand uses hydro-electricity to supply electricy, you can illustarte something relates to it. 3: Social, as...