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  1. one-on-one

    • KK[ˋwʌnɑnˋwʌn]
    • DJ[ˋwʌnɔnˋwʌn]


    • a. &
    • n.
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    a. &

    • 1. 一對一(的),直接對立(的)


    • 1. 一人對一人的比賽
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    • ph.
      (患病或遭受挫折後)完全復原 After his wife's death it took him two years to get back on his feet. 他妻子死後兩年, 他才振作起來。 Only our party's policies will put the country on its feet again. 只有我們黨的政策才會使國家恢復元氣。
    • ph.
      把...置疑一邊 I will have to put those papers on one side while I deal with more urgent work. 我要處理更緊急的事務, 得把這些文件擱一擱。 I'll sort through these magazines, and put on one side those that I wish to keep. 我會挑一下這些雜誌, 把我要的放在一邊。
    • ph.
      從一方面來看, 在一方面 On the one hand, they are too poor to get married now; on the other hand, they love each other so much that they would be a good couple. 從一方面來說, 他們太窮現在不可以結婚, 從另一方面來說他們彼此深愛對方, 將會是一對好夫妻。 On the one hand, I need to work all night to finish the job; on the other hand, I am so exhausted that I really need a rest. 一方面, 我必須整晚工作把事情做完, 另一方面, 我疲累的實在需要休息。
    • ph.
      在臨終時; 在生命垂危時 She's on her deathbed. 她已奄奄一息。
    • ph.
      隨身帶著 The old man always has a small radio on his person. 那位老人總是隨身帶著一架小收音機。 A gun was found on his person. 從他身上搜出一枝槍。
    • ph.
      問心有愧(使人覺得自己做錯了事或該做某事而未做) It's still on my conscience that I didn't warn her in time. 我未能及時提醒她, 這事至今使我耿耿於懷。 How could he live peacefully with such a wicked crime on his conscience? 他做了這樣傷天害理的事怎麼能過太平的日子呢?
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