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  1. oneself

    • KK[wʌnˋsɛlf]
    • DJ[wʌnˋself]


    • pron.
    • 釋義


    • 1. (反身代名詞)自己,自身 One shouldn't overwork oneself. 一個人不應該過分勞累。
    • 2. 親自,本人 To do something oneself is often easier than getting someone else to do it. 自己去辦理一件事常常比請人去做來得容易。
  2. 知識+

    • 宇多田FIRST LOVE

      First Love(日劇『魔女的條件』主題曲) 詞曲:宇多田... how You are always gonna be the one 今はまだ悲しい love song 新しい歌 うたえるま...heart too Now and forever you are still the one 現在仍是悲傷的情歌 一直到會唱新歌為止 2006-06-29...

    • one another

      ...一下是否能回答到妳的疑惑 ^_^ 基本上妳所看到的"on one another"是由介系詞"on"加"one another"...形成動詞片語(如,depend on, step on, fire on...)後面接"one another"表示"彼此做出該動詞的動作"。 以上...

    • ones students

      ... all without discrimination, and teach according to the abilities of ones students." 此句意譯為"有教無類,因材施教"毋庸贅述. 其用法...