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  1. onion skin

    • n.
      the thin outer layer of an onion;very fine smooth translucent paper
    • noun: onion skin, plural noun: onion skins

    • 釋義


    • 1. the thin outer layer of an onion onion skins and peelings still have nutrients in them
    • very fine smooth translucent paper the screenplay is so thin it could have been printed on onionskin
  2. 知識+

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      洋葱可以分為兩類: 新鮮洋葱和儲藏洋葱。新鮮洋葱在整個三月到八月的季節都有黃色、紅色和白色三種供應。它們可以自它們細薄淺色表皮認出。因為它們水分高,它們標準的比儲藏洋葱甜而且口感温和。高水分同時使它們更容易擦傷。由於它良好的口感,新鮮洋葱是沙拉和輕炒的理想...

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      ... material: chicken leg in which bone was removed (don't remove skin) spring onion section dry pepper pepper granules method:First...

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      ...universe; Tomato clean, go the base of a fruit, cut light one; Spring onions go the universe skin, cut light section; The ginger is cleaned, cut small one, strike and...