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  1. only

    • IPA[ˈəʊnli]



    • adv.
    • adj.
      唯一的; 獨女;最佳的
    • conj.
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 僅僅 to be only interested in sth. 只對某事物感興趣 we're only here for the beer 我們來這兒就是為了喝啤酒
    • 2. to be only sixteen 只有16歲 it's only that I wanted to ... 我只是想…
    • 3. 僅在 only last week 就在上週 it seems like only yesterday (that ...) 彷彿就在昨天(…)
    • 4. to do sth. only recently 最近才做過某事 only just 剛才
    • 5. 直到 to conclude only on 10 May 直到5月10日才作出決定
    • 6. 只會 he'll only waste it 他只會把它浪費掉 that only makes matters worse 那只會把事情弄得更糟
    • 7. 不料 only to find/discover that ... 不料卻發現… I enquired, only to be told ... 我詢問了一下,結果竟被告知…
    • 8. 十分 it's only fair to let him explain 讓他解釋一下很公平 it's only natural for her to be curious 她好奇是很自然的


    • 1. 唯一的; 獨女 one and only 獨一無二的 the only one left 僅存的一個
    • 2. 最佳的 skiing is the only sport for me 滑雪是我最喜歡的運動 whisky is the only drink 威士忌酒是首選


    • 1. 可是 you may carry it, only don't drop it 你拿著它吧,可別摔了 it's like skiing, only safer/more fun 這就像滑雪一樣,不過更安全/更有趣