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  1. only if

    • ph.
      只要; 只有
    • 釋義


    • 1. 只要; 只有 Only if a teacher has given permission is a student allowed to enter this room. 只有得到教師的允許, 學生才可以進這間屋。 Only if the red light comes on is there any danger to employees. 只要紅燈一亮, 就表示有危及職工的險情。
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    • only if .......的翻譯與文法用法

      Only if you are willing to explore, will you be able to have confidence in ...explore. 譯:只有當你願意去探索時,你才會有(把握/信心)去發現自己的愛情 only if : 只有、只要 (連接詞) , + 完整子句 e.g. The chance will come only if she...

    • only ifif only 的意思跟用法?

      if only 1.只要 If only it clears up , we'll go. 只要天一放晴,我們就去。 2.但願 If only he arrives in time. 但願他能及時趕到。 only if 1.只要 If only...

    • only if的文法問題~~

      ...出現在"笑劇"或是"肥皂劇"中。 Santiago: Sure, only if you’ll do the same for me when I try to tell you that I really...